BAM! POW! WHAM! Fauna Superheroes

Last month you may have noticed some filming down on Seven Mile and Boulders Beaches. At the helm of this project was Nicole Sullivan producer/director/creative advisor on an exciting new project. Here’s what she has to say about it:

I am super excited to now be working on a fabulous new concept with local girls Bridget and Sophie Thomson who are locally known as The Fauna Fetchers. These charismatic and fun loving identical twins are on a mission in life to ignite a passion in people to help our native wildlife. The key to preservation is education through our younger generation. So we are introducing Bridget and Sophie as the Superheroes for our Native Fauna! BAM! POW! WHAM!

We have just finished shooting the scenes for a pilot episode, and will now go into the editing process. We have been very fortunate with a number of people coming on board to dedicate their time to create the pilot.

Once completed we will then put the pilot out to creatives, broadcasters and funding bodies to secure interest and funding in creating a 10 episode series on the girls and their adventures in protecting native fauna.

The pilot should be ready to submit towards late June, but in the meantime we are wanting to build the girls online presence, via their Facebook page, Instagram and Youtube channel. Networks are very keen to see that talent already have an established audience. So building the Youtube channel and online presence will give us a greater chance to secure funding for the series. Please have a look at the links on facebook and Youtube.

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