Never Been To Tintenbar Up Front?

Tintenbar Up Front was not named Community Event Of The Year 2017 for nothing. Audience and performers love it!

‘I really enjoy the night at TUF. I love the community, I’m a fan of Indian cuisine and the food is outstanding and the entertainment’s fun. There’s a warmth and sincerity about the whole night that appeals to me. It’s a great place for new performers and old alike to have a chance to perform in a concert situation where people respect the space. The audience is great and I like that it raises money for charity.’

Along Ross Lane, just on the other side of the highway is the 100 year old wooden Tintenbar Hall, a little gem tucked under the hill. Among the many activities held in the hall is Tintenbar Up Front, which holds two shows a month. Every second Friday gives the opportunity for performers of all kinds: musicians, poets, comedians, dancers, whoever….to strut their stuff in this wonderful old hall. Bev Singh cooks up the most wonderful Indian banquet to the delight of diners.

The other monthly show features world class musicians from all over Australia and the world. Many performers from Bluesfest and other big music festivals have performed there: Glenn Cardier, Benny Walker, Hussy Hicks, Scott Cook, Gallie, Aine Tyrrell, Abiie Cardwell, Kim Churchill, Daniel Champagne…

People listen at these shows, undistracted by talking bar patrons or the TV on the wall. The Hall is acoustically very responsive to music, and the sound system is exceptional, which means the experience is very powerful as well as intimate. Musicians are wowed by the appreciation of their music, and become very communicative with stories and anecdotes. 

To see and hear great performances or to perform yourself, get along to a Tintenbar Up Front show soon. Find them on the web and Facebook.

Coming shows: Friday June 29 – guitar maestro Daniel Champagne, Saturday July 28 – alt country stars Sara Tindley and Ash Bell.

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