Extension plans for Hutley Drive, Lennox Head


As urban development continues to expand within the Lennox Head area, Ballina Shire Council has been looking at various options to extend Hutley Drive to service current and future residential developments. 

“Council’s traffic modelling has identified for many years that Hutley Drive should be extended in the north to The Coast Road/Byron Bay Road and in the south to North Creek Road. By extending Hutley Drive to the south and north will ensure that vehicles will move more efficiently through this location,” explained Mr John Truman, Group Manager Civil Services.

“The northern extension will provide a safer connection to major roads, and reduce vehicle traffic in residential areas that are currently used to access arterial roads. Extending Hutley Drive will also improve access to the proposed shopping centre development in the Epiq Lennox Estate and new sporting fields in this estate.” 

Mr Truman said that Council has considered various options for the northern extension of Hutley Drive. “Council recently purchased 9 Byron Bay Road. This has presented an easier and more cost effective linkage option from Hutley Drive to Byron Bay Road by extending Hutley Drive to the north and connecting the new roundabout on Byron Bay Road; north of the existing Coast Road roundabout.”

“Other options we’ve looked at include connecting Hutley Drive to a new roundabout on a realigned North Creek Road. Another option scoped was to connect Hutley Drive to the existing Coast Road roundabout. Unfortunately these proposals were cost prohibitive or did not meet contemporary engineering and traffic standards.’ 

“Council staff have commenced community consultation with residents who live adjacent to 9 Byron Bay Road and we are now preparing the engineering design and will seek regulatory approval for the project,” clarified Mr Truman.

The extension is identified in Ballina Shire Council Road’s Contribution Plan, with staged commencement to be by the end of 2019. The initial cost estimate for the project is $4 million (including land acquisition) with the majority of costs to be met by development contributions. Council has also applied for federal and state government grant funding to assist in funding the project. 

A factsheet explaining the Hutley Drive extension can be found on Council’s website ballina.nsw.gov.au (search Hutley Drive).

4 Responses

  1. Maria

    Ballina Council has wrecked Lennox Head and continues to do so with over development of a small area. Truman gets paid an awful amount of money to come up with ideas to squash as many people as possible into Lennox Head. It doesn’t work. It’s not working and it will never work. Say goodbye to the village. It’s gone.

  2. Greg Byrnes

    When will Ballina council learn to build a simple roundabout. It does not need two lanes!

  3. Monica Wilcox

    Two lane roundabouts are common eg Lismore
    Normally, roundabouts are strategically covered & surrounded by verdant foliage so drivers are forced to slow down & address thier immediate surrounds.
    Instead, in the Ballina Shire, because of the high visibility from way way-off- drivers plan their straight line trajectory across all lanes.
    Aggressive & fast is the goal.
    The problem is very prevalent compared to other shires.


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