The Last Straw?

Staff at Club Lennox are asking customers this question: ‘Do you really need a straw?’

According to Environmental Science graduate and bar attendant at Club Lennox Christina Clark, Australia produces somewhere around 10 million plastic straws every year. The bulk of these end up in land fill or our oceans and waterways. 

Christina, who put herself through Southern Cross University degree by working at the club, graduated last year. She says she is concerned about the numbers of straws that are produced and used everywhere.

‘It takes 200 years to break down a plastic straw, but we only use them for a few minutes. It seems like a very big cost for such a small reward.’

‘There are many alternatives to straws, like reusable straws or special cups for children.’

She admits that it is a habit formed in childhood, when children are learning to drink, they find the colourful plastic straws fun to play with. So, says Christina, it is also the role of parents to teach their children about other ways of drinking.

Of course the Club will still be providing straws, but, as Christina puts it, ‘we will just be asking them do you really need to use a straw? So far we’ve had an amazing response and people have been really supportive of the initiative.



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