Film & Live Music – Locals Collaborate

True Flowers from this Painted World – A visual album

A collaboration between local filmmaker Stephen L. Jones and the band Headland. Throughout 2016/2017 Stephen clambered around cliffs and beaches, in and out of the ocean, filming the magical place he calls home. Over the same period local musician Murray Paterson and the Headland band were composing music inspired by the same beautiful coastline. 

The culmination is the visual album True Flowers from this Painted World, an emotive portrait and spacious soundscape that builds on traditional notions of landscape and seascape, combining guitar layered compositions and cinematic fragments of the Lennox Head/Byron Bay coastline. Also featuring other locals on screen; Dave Rastovich, Terepai Richmond, Joel Fitzgerald, Torren Martyn, Ellis Ericson, Araucaria Velasco, the mystery surfer… and the massive swell of winter 2016.

During the month of March a limited number of shows will take place on the north coast of NSW and Sydney featuring projection of the film with a live on stage performance of the soundtrack by the Headland band.

‘A spellbinding live experience, not to be missed‘ says local surfer/shaper Simon Jones from Morning of the Earth Surfboards who has donated a MOTE surfboard, all ticket holders are in the draw to win.

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