Encore Career Seminar

The concept of an ‘encore career’ is now becoming a possibility for older workers, many of whom will be looking for new and further employment well into their 60s and beyond.

On March 13 at 8.30 am at the Ballina RSL there will be a career Check-Up Expo for Mature Workers in the Northern Rivers.

The event will be organized by the IRT Foundation whose aim is ‘to create a better world for all older Australians, to combat disadvantage and promote older people as valuable contributors to society.’

‘The increase in minimum age eligibility for the pension, combined with increasing life expectancy, means mature age workforce participation is a growing issue for policymakers and people approaching retirement,’ said IRT Foundation Manager, Toby Dawson.

‘Many people will now need to continue working longer to survive financially, and the Career Check-Up Expo can help them plan their future careers, working into their 60s and beyond,’ Mr Dawson said.

‘The reality is that people who fail to plan for an encore career are more likely to end up jobless. Career planning is crucial, particularly for older workers.’

This is where IRT Foundation’s Career Check-Up Expo for Mature Workers can help. The Expo is a one-stop-shop for people aged over 45 looking for advice on career planning, education and training, financial planning and job seeking services.

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