B Ward Councillor Keith Williams Seeks Labour Preselection


Ballina Councillor Keith Williams has announced he will once again seek preselection for the Labor Party to contest the seat of Ballina at the next State Election.

Mr Williams, is best known for his work on the region’s beaches and rivers rescuing Pelicans, sea turtles and other marine wildlife with Australian Seabird Rescue. He is married to Rochelle, daughter of Seabird Rescue founder, Lance Ferris, and father of Finn.

He says he is committed to ending the privatisation of public amenities and assets.

Claiming that the Greens Party is just a ‘voice in the wilderness’, he says he will also continue his work to revive the Richmond River.

‘I formed the Port Ballina Taskforce four years ago because the river is not just an environmental issue, it is also a major source of employment. Unless we tackle dredging, the re-development of our marine infrastructure, and support our cane, grazing and macadamia farmers to improve farm management practices we will lose our fishing and boating industries and the jobs they provide.’

‘The death of nearly every wild oyster in the estuary in the last two years should be a wake up call for all of us, the river has continued to deteriorate. We need the resources and the cooperation that only a State Government can provide. If I am successful in this bid, you can be sure I won’t rest until we have a thriving commercial oyster industry in Ballina once again.’ he says.



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