Calling All Local Producers

This year The Lennox Wave has a whole raft of new ideas for helping local businesses to grow and promote their services and products.

To start the year we are focusing on local producers. We want to hear from all those small, often home-based (but not always) businesses who are making things. We want tangible packagable products, so we’re not interested in services yet. (You’ll get your turn).

If you are a local producer, either living or working out of Lennox Head or close surroundings, and you make something tangible that is:

  • Affordable (under fifty bucks)
  • Portable (smaller than a basketball)
  • Non-perishable (is packaged so that it will last for at least 3 months)
  • Uses at least some local ingredients or materials

Then get in touch with The Lennox Wave. We have some ideas that will help you spread the word about your amazing products. Email and we’ll be in touch.


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