Peace, love and fun this holiday season

What’s to say at this time of year that hasn’t been said a thousand times before?

From me, it’s as simple as this: find the thing you love to do and the people you love to be with and enjoy yourself. That’s what I’ll be doing – painting, drawing, eating, drinking, walking the Point, playing with my dog, singing with my sister, hanging with my friends and family, getting myself in the ocean every now and then and planning all the things I can do to make The Lennox Wave better next year in 2018.

But before I sign off I must say once again how grateful I am to the people who advertise in The Lennox Wave. Many of our readers may not know that we have many generous advertisers who back up every month, without fail, and without argument! They are the bread and butter of The Lennox Wave: the people who give their commitment not only to the magazine, but to the town, for without them, we simply would not exist.

And of course I cannot forget the contributors – they come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of diverse interests, and they create the important reading platform for the magazine. Such a great read it is too!

To all you readers out there, thanks to you too. If you ever have any feedback or ideas or would like to contribute in some way please contact me via the contact form on the front page of the website or message us on Facebook. I’d love to know what you all think!

Wave Weekly will be rebranded and reorganised next year. Stay tuned! We will be back in the second half of January.

See you in 2018!

All the best

Helen Fry



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