Cars Of Lennox

Make Model: 2011 4 x 4 Mitsubishi Canter FUSO with dual wheels replaced to super single.

Owner: Steve Ward

LW: I am not looking here at any normal off-road 4 x 4 campervan or motorhome, am I?

Steve: No, I have custom built this all myself from the ground up.

LW: You say: ‘all’ custom built?

Steve: There is no commercially built construction in any of this, even the doors I made myself. Virtually all materials are purchased from local suppliers and I crafted it all together. The only pre-fabricated items are the windows and internals like seats, kitchen etc. Fitting them was the easy part; the hard part was constructing the entire frame and the shell around it.

LW: Yourself? How? That is labour intensive painstaking and precise work. How long did it take?

Steve: 4 years. Part way through I even had to extend the shed on my property to make even more space. I set up a gantry crane to wheel sections around, move and hoist all the large and heavy sections (including the roof) myself.

LW: You have a reputation as a good meticulous tiler (and I can see you have applied the same mastery here) so what about your ‘day job’, did it take 4 years of only weekends?

Steve: No, basically I worked tiling around this and would spend days, weeks, sometimes months full-time going at it. It was definitely a labour of love. But there were also times though where I just had to walk away and let it be for a while.

LW: So it’s been registered since May, how hard was getting it roadworthy for NSW RMS?

Steve: Not bad, the real challenge was sticking to legal size limits, utilizing space without sacrificing style and not just building a ‘square looking box on wheels.’

LW: Well I have to ask, all this effort: WHY?

Steve: My teenage son and I ride motorbikes, I wanted it to travel virtually anywhere in Australia carrying two bikes (uniquely inside) with ample undercover securable lock-up storage while not compromising comfortable living space.

LW: Well, you’ve certainly managed that. Good luck on the road.

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