YOLO September 2017

We are breathing. So let’s just breathe for a minute to feel how we do in all its crazy, screwed up glory.   

Hey, hold up!  What if what we’re feelin’ is not crazy, or screwed up at all? 

I wasn’t going to give my two cents regarding gender equality, LGBTI marriage as it has been over totally over-roasted. But since I value the gamut of life – here goes: Live and let live, mate. It’s time. 

This plebiscite serves as a governmental distraction from other prevalent issues in our society such as, poverty, domestic violence, substance abuse, suicide – the list goes on. 

How does anyone else’s love prevent you or I from breathing?

Whichever step we are standing upon, the outlook remains the same.

For as long as I can recall, I have been trying to figure out why people do and say certain things, and still expect everything to remain the same in the end.  When words become empty platitudes, how does that ever work out?  Essentially, it doesn’t.

The way I see it – us humans love, but we love with certain conditions and expectations.  We place far too many presets upon it.  Most of which, are based upon what is ‘norm’, according to a societal bell curve of how we think it should be. 

Of course, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but it’s still a version of what our beliefs reckon. Call this marriage stuff, whatever. Who are we to decide exactly what’s what? 

Love is not something for debate, election, or judgment. It’s not war. It’s a non-issue. No one truly fits a bell curve. Lives are not for comparison.

How I feel about love surpasses words. For sixteen and-a-half years, an utterly gorgeous, Jack-Russell named Gem blessed my life.  She taught me that genuine love reaches depths within the soul, unimaginable. No human ever loves with such pure, unconditional, non-judgment in their hearts and eyes.

An eternal star now burns my night sky, turning it into something beautiful – through a love unwavering and infinite; together we fly, forever.

Life is fragile.  Remember to breathe, until that very last breath.

YOLO right?

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