Travel Library Tells Its Own Story

Hundreds of travel books, each with its particular, unique view of one of thousands of exotic destinations, are now at the fingertips of us all in Lennox Head.

This beautiful library of 750 books was collected by a single man, Tom King, over his lifetime of travel (and travel writing), and has been bequeathed, via his widow Kay and some of his peers, to us, to display and make available to anyone who lives here or who is passing through.

The folks at William Street Kitchen and Bar are the happy caretakers of this special collection and they have dedicated a room to its display.

When Mr King died in 2015 his wife Kay knew she had a treasure on her hands, but what to do with it? Luckily, Tom’s connections within the the Australian Society of Travel Writers, meant that his compatriots like good friend Graham Simmons and Lennox Head resident and award-winning travel writer Louise Southerden, became determined to make it available to the public.

Louise approached William St Kitchen and Bar owner, Lucy Williams, with a proposal to utilise a room, and Lucy jumped at the idea. From there, Louise, Lucy, Kay and Graham put their heads together and gradually made the dream a reality, with some simple furniture and bookshelves, plus special touches to make the room cosy and inviting.

Now it is exactly that: a quiet, comfortable room where you can settle in with a cuppa and explore a whole world of potential destinations.

And for all those who continue to plan and research their holidays online, here’s your opportunity to surprise yourself. In the travel library your search will not be confined to words you choose to put into a search engine, but will be broadened and enriched by all the lucky and accidental discoveries you will make when you pick up a book and start flicking through its pages.

The travel library is open when William St Kitchen and Bar is open—6.30 to 2pm every day.




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