Spare Parts Puppets Theatre At NORPA

Based on the book by Shaun Tan

NORPA and the Macadamia Castle are thrilled to present Spare Parts Puppet Theatre’s adaptation of acclaimed illustrator/author Shaun Tan’s story The Arrival – a truly warm and magical theatre experience for all.

Built on the animation of the awesome images from Shaun Tan’s stunning new book, The Arrival, Spare Parts Puppet Theatre is full of the exquisite puppetry and exceptional acting that you would expect from Australia’s leading puppet company. Shaun Tan’s fantastical world comes to life in a strange and wonderful metropolis full of floating ships, mysterious lights, alien symbols and weird animals. It is in this new place that our hero Aki makes his home. 

The Arrival is a universal tale of the challenges, the humour and adventures of arriving in a new country and resonates far beyond any arrival… a new school, a new job, a new town. The absence of words not only makes the story perfect for puppetry but emphasizes the isolation that is experienced by many people arriving in a new place.

Shaun Tan’s work has an ability to transcend social cultural and age barriers. The Arrival is a theatre work that will appeal to all and be remembered forever. This is Spare Parts Puppet Theatre most visually stunning and emotional moving production to date and has been received with absolute critical acclaim.


Spare Parts Puppet Theatre will be conducting a free ‘Paper Puppetry & Play’ workshop at Lismore City Hall for 7-12 year olds on Tuesday 19th September at 12 midday. Bookings are essential. NORPA is also conducting a series of Puppetry and Visual Theatre workshops in local schools. The theatre foyer will be decorated with a paper bird installation created by workshop students. Each bird carries a message inside to someone the student misses. For more information about NORPA workshops please contact Valley Lipcer

Thanks to the support of The Macadamia Castle and Animal Park NORPA has been able to bring this beautiful show to Lismore City Hall. The Macadamia Castle will also be bringing a special repitilian guest for a meet and greet at the evening performance of The Arrival.

The Arrival – Winner of the Western Australian Equity Guild Award for ‘Best Production of 2006’ 


Based on the book by Shaun Tan

Director: Philip Mitchell | Adapting Writer:  Michael Barlow | Designer: Jiri Zmitko | Composer: Lee Buddle | Animation Design: Michael Barlow | Lighting Designer: Graham Walne | Puppet Makers: Jiri Zmitko, Kipling Smith, Adam Ismail | Costume Maker: Cherie Hewson | Artistic Development: Sally Richardson | Performers: Alicia Osyka, Adrienne Patterson, Ellis Pearson, Shirley van Sande

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