Lennox Stars In Byron Bay Film Festival

Pictured above: the crew of Quack

The work of three Lennox-based filmmakers will be screened at the Byron Bay Film Festival next month.

The Swiss-born Viviane Frehner channels her extensive experience as a dancer and choreographer into the short film Gogi.Three sisters dance together on a beach. Separated from each other, and stuck in their own world, they are incomplete and restless. Once they step out of their comfort zones, they feel united, and remember the power of their roots and origin. Breathtaking Australian beaches, the universal language of dance and a potent sound track make for a stirring, uplifting experience. The urge is to dig deep and wrench our most creative self from within. As an emotive expression of movement, Gogi is emotive, moving. Frehner wrote, directed and produced the piece, which was filmed by well-known Byron Shire cinematographer Stefan José.

Lennox also provides the setting for a film from local Nicole Sullivan, which is a good deal more mysterious than its title sounds. Quack is a wholly Lennox affair: Its two main actors, Miller Brand and Yasmin Honeychurch, grew up and live here. So did cameraman Mark Robertson, who bases his production company One Vision here. In what Sullivan describes as “a quirky little local film”, a young man heads out with his shotgun for a spot of duck shooting. At water’s edge he comes across an innocent young woman who has a very different way of approaching nature.

Annie Benzie also explores differences in Keeping Culture. It tells the story of Roger and Gwen and their decision to have a traditional wedding ceremony in Gwen’s mother’s village in PNG, in a coming together of two clans.

Byron Bay Film Festival runs from October 6-15. Tickets are on sale now at BBFF.com.au

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