Lake Road Issue Still Divides Town & Council


It was a 5/5 split at the August Council meeting last week when Councillor Keith Williams moved a motion to ‘discontinue major works in the South East precinct of Lake Ainsworth until the completion of the Coastal Zone Management Plan for Lake Ainsworth.’

Mayor David Wright used his casting vote to decide against Cr Williams’ motion. This means that Council will continue with the preparation of the DA for works at the South Eastern Lake precinct (including a range of beautification measures and the closure of the road) and all the documentation and research that must accompany any Development Application.

Councillors on both sides of the argument now agree that the only way forward is to wait for the DA to be completed and placed on public exhibition, and make decisions based upon the specific details of the proposal.

According to Cr Jeff Johnson, ‘The only way forward on this is for Council to complete the current studies and DA process, which have already been paid for. Then the community can see for itself what is actually being proposed and make an informed decision. Once the DA has been completed there will be public meetings and consultation before any final decision is made,’ he said.

Cr Williams, who tried to stop works with his motion agrees, ‘Council is as divided as the community on this, but there will be opportunity to object to the DA once it is finalised.’

‘The timeline for the DA suggests that it will be expected around February, so we just need to make sure that the community gets a good opportunity to see it and consider the proposal in its entirety,’ he said.

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  1. Lavender.

    A long as people (incl. media reportage) express the situation as “divided” it will be harder to move to better understanding and co-operative approache about the Lahe eastern foreshore. If you’re into cnflict approaches, as seems to be pushed by some, then it’s a contest between cars and parkland for that eastern foreshore. And perhaps that’s what some don’t understand: there is simply no way the lake’s health and riparian vegitation will survive in the very short future if that road persists. Then people will moan about the Council not looking after our natural heritage.

    Thank you to the Council for their consideration of the bigger picture – that cars can be in other parts so that the eastern foreshore will be a parkland for all to enjoy.

  2. Melissa

    I am really looking forward to the closure of the road so that we can all enjoy this beautiful space on foot. The parkland will be so much more pleasurable and beautiful instead of having so many cars zooming past whilst enjoying this precious space.

    Thanks in advance for for looking after our gorgeous lake

  3. Mike

    I know there’s only two replies so far, but interesting to see both reflect the residents associations view point – as mine does. We keep getting told the ‘majority’ want the road to remain open. Is it because we haven’t had a rally to show support? I voted on this issue at the last council election.

    I have tried to understand the real reason why the road should remain open, and can only discern that dog walkers want to drive all the way down the road to get to the leash free beach. Can’t the morning exercise start 500m earlier?

    • Mark

      Mike , I walk my dog everyday down there , I have never seen or heard any comments from fellow dog walkers wanting the road to remain open , the walk from the surf club will just become part of the walk !! can’t wait for the road to close it’s like Pitt St there especially over summer ,, I’m sure even Blind Freddie can see it needs to close for the lakes health , bring it on council


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