Home Alchemy, August 17

When undertaking a feng shui consultation of a home or business space, it would be easy to assume that the assessment starts when the consultant arrives at the property or door of the dwelling. However, it actually starts long before then. A significant part of the assessment is in the journey to the location, because this provides great insight into the quality of the chi (energy) that is making it’s way to the property.  There is so much to consider – the surrounding environment and scenery, the quality of the care taken on surrounding properties, nearby signs and symbols along the way, is it an easy journey to get there (are there good street signs and house numbers), is it an arduous journey or does the trip have a sense of flow, is it easy to park and to find/arrive at the front door of the dwelling?

In a healthy neighbourhood, along the way there will be activity from children, animals and people doing things they love like sports and gardening. In a less healthy neighbourhood there may be alot of unfinished or run down houses, areas that seem to be dumping grounds for rubbish or other things that seem to indicate stagnant or blocked chi.

Of course like it or not, it will be your nearest neighbours that have the greatest impact on the quality of energy making it’s way to your own dwelling. If you have angry, wild or isolated neighbours it can sometimes feel as though their lifestyle choices encroach on your own.particularly if their behaviour creates noise and parking issues.

Likewise, your behaviour is either contributing to or detracting from the energy that makes its way to your neighbours homes. It can be interesting to do a little self audit from time to time, asking if there are any ways you can contribute a more positive energy to the world around you? Wind chimes are a classic ‘cure’ often used and seen as a positive feng shui enhancement.  However, if your wind chime happens to be right near a neighbour’s bedroom window, it might be keeping them awake at night, and a source of frustration for them at times.

Considering what you contribute to your neighbour’s life and what they contribute to yours, is a significant part of the conscious journey home. 

‘When you know your neighbors – even if you don’t particularly love them – you have a greater sense of security and connection.’ – Dana Claudat

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