Cars Of Lennox, August 17

Make / Model – 1976 MG Midget

Owner – Alice from Newrybar

LW – Many consider the MG to be the perfect example of a British sports car, is this the case?

Alice – Well my dad definitely thought so. He decided to import this car from the UK in the mid 1990s. He kept it in his shed for years and never got round to registering it. I came into a bit of money and decided to get it on the road. My dad’s too old to drive now but I take him out in it at least a few times a month. He loves it nearly as much as I do.

LW – How about the colour, is it the original?

Alice  – Yes of course. British Racing Green. You can’t have a UK built car in any other colour.

LW  Being an old car, does it give you any trouble?

Alice – Surprisingly no major issues as yet, touch wood. Thankfully I have joined the Gold Coast based MG club and they have access to lots of spares if needed and good mechanics that know these cars.

LW – So what’s your favourite place to drive?

Alice – Dad grew up in the Tweed Valley so we often shoot up the freeway then turn up towards Murwillumbah. Lots of great winding roads and coffee stops up there. We make a point of not venturing in the Byron Shire, the potholes just eat up cars like this.

LW – Ha ha, yes fair enough. Bad enough in an SUV. So any plans to sell the car or is it a keeper?

Alice – Oh yeah, it is a family member now. Dad wouldn’t let me sell it but really I wouldn’t anyway. It’s not worth a lot of money and the enjoyment it offers fair outweighs any profit we’d make.

LW – Well Alice, thanks for chatting. I’m sure we’ll see you getting round for years to come.

Alice – Thanks for letting me show off the car, dad will be thrilled.

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