YOLO, July 17

What does the word ‘freedom’ mean to you? 

Freedom to speak?

Freedom to live, travel and love?

Freedom from fear and violence?

Freedom of choice?

I think it encompasses all of these things.  When I consider the countless sacrifices that have been made for our freedoms, I openly count my blessings forevermore.

Still, neither you nor I are entirely free to position ourselves in places where our hearts lie or need to be.  Because on the flip side, I also feel as if there is a ticking terror that surrounds us, far more than most of us would care to acknowledge.

As I contemplate this crazy world of airplanes and borders, I know I am beyond blessed to be here, in more ways than one.

Realistically the freedom to live does not come free. The world has been repeatedly fought, won, lost and has changed, as it always does. Yet somehow, there’s another feeling in the atmosphere that is different again. It’s almost indescribable. There is a social, emotional disconnection in humanity and a complete lack of respect for what freedom is meant to signify.

I have spent most of my existence living, breathing and expressing the importance of human connectedness. But pretty much everything we do in life is in some way screened or scanned. I would love someone to look me straight in the eye and tell me that by doing so, we are NOT dehumanizing or creating a disconnected society.

In a perfect world, we would increase protection, but loosen the borders and restriction to accurately give the value of freedom a chance. I agree protections are necessary and there for a purpose, but let’s not lock out entirely.

Whether one is a part of destruction or not, what has been happening – this violence, hatred, disconnectedness affects us all, regardless of what form it comes in.

As I said, freedom, is never really free. 

We cannot live our lives in fear. How do hatred hearts sleep? It’s love, peace and the opportunity to be free that truly can change the world in a single moment – but hey, what do I know? 

YOLO right?

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