Ocean Rhythms, July 17

We didn’t really need another flood less than 3 months after the deluge following ex TC Debbie’s disaster run down the east coast but here we go again, the Richmond is back to milky coffee and the dirty water is all over the surf beaches and will be with us for at least a moon cycle. Just prior to the slow- moving trough which dumped so much rain on us, ocean water had finally cleared right up, and with shallow banks the winter was shaping up beautifully. Huey obviously has a twisted sense of black humour.

The week following the Queens Birthday holiday – which featured a great day at the Point- suffered under a barrage of short period E’ly stormsurf. Luckily it wasn’t big enough to completely gut the inshore sand reservoirs unlike the black nor-easter swell of last June, but it did drag sand wide and punch holes in the banks. What happens now depends on how the winter pans out. If we move into a regime of small/moderate mid to long period S swells the sand will get groomed into shape pretty quickly. At time of writing a low in the Tasman, which formed in the trough line which lingered off the coast here, is expected to deliver a few days of solid but not big SSE to ESE swell.

The strange thing is the Pacific Basin was tending towards El Nino as we came out of summer, which would indicate a dry-ish autumn and winter period for the sub-tropical NSW coastline. Quite clearly we’ve had the opposite with 2 floods and plenty of back-up rainfall in between.

The fishing before the rainfall was OK, without being outstanding. Tailor were around if you were prepared to put the time into finding them. With the outpouring of floodwater from the Richmond inshore fishing will shut down for a period until the clearer salty water can push back in under the fresh. Yours truly put in a few fruitless sessions throwing big lures into the floodwater searching for a monster jewfish. A couple of punters got lucky though with some horse sized fish being landed as the fresh first worked its way to the walls. Maybe next time. We’d expect the fishing to really fire up as the water starts to clear and bait schools move back in shore. That might take a month if it keeps raining. That’s it for this month. To whoever out there is doing the rain dance; you can stop now for smoko. We’ve had enough. Tight lines and tubular visions.

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