Local Survivor Has Message For Women


This year 24 people aged between 20 and 51 went to Samoa to battle each other and themselves, mentally, physically and emotionally, in Ten’s popular reality TV offering, Australian Survivor. Only one remained standing as Australia’s Sole Survivor.

And, of course, we can’t tell you who that is!

But we can tell you that local Lennox Head resident, Jacqui Patterson was one of those brave contestants.

She’s a big personality; describing herself as bit different, a straight shooter, raw, honest, bold and entertaining.

A lover of life and the odd glass of champagne, Jacqui is a marriage celebrant, married with two kids and, at 50, one of the oldest contestants this year. She is super-fit and does boot camp, running, biking and stair work daily to keep her in shape. She also likes to surf with her husband Gaz.

Physically ready, there are a few things on the island that Jacqui was not looking forward to. But she said, ‘I was not excited about sleeping outside and in the cold. I knew that wouldn’t be much fun.’

When asked why she decided to audition and compete with 23,000 others to secure a place on the show, she said, ‘I wanted to demonstrate to women of any age, but particularly of my era, that life doesn’t end at 30 – married with ankle biters, a housewife perm and stuffing your face with cupcakes,’ she said.

‘I felt I had something to prove.’

And we can be pretty sure she did that.

For up to 55 days, she and the other contestants, with little sleep and even less food, endured a merciless climate of torrential rain and extreme humidity to outwit, outplay and outlast each other in a bid to take home $500,000.

Each day that they were marooned on the unforgiving, rugged tropical island, they were tested like never before.

They had to negotiate their way through the endless perils of social networking, forging strategic alliances and pushing their bodies and their minds past breaking point. Competing in rigorous and demanding physical challenges, they had to learn to fend for themselves to secure even the most basic of needs.

If you want to find out how Jacqui fared, you’d better watch the show which starts this Sunday July 30, on Ten at 7.30pm.

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    Oh my gosh please check grammar before posting. You can honestly learn basic English in less than two weeks online..

    • Helen Fry

      Oh My Gosh, thanks for the kind and generous feedback! If you’d like to be more specific, then we will fix whatever horror it is that we have created! And we will go back to university while we are at it.


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