Collaborating To Save The Coral Reefs

Coral Sea Dreaming is the eleventh in a series of magnificently illustrated and strikingly coloured children’s books by international, award-winning silk artist and author Kim Michelle Toft.

The book was launched at the Ramada last week, and according to Kim, it could well have been her lucky day. ‘Being my same numerology number, I hope this book is lucky eleventh!,’ she said.

But Kim is not wishing all the luck for herself, but more for the oceans, and particularly the world’s coral reefs and their underwater inhabitants, who need more than luck to avoid their ecosystem from vanishing.

Kim’s career, focussing on marine creatures, all began twenty years ago when she watched the video Coral Sea Dreaming – A Celebration of Reefs by Emmy award-winning underwater cinematographer David Hannan. Kim and David met three years later and have since shared a kindred responsibility for protection of our oceans.

David has virtually spent a lifetime underwater diving and documenting coral reefs. ‘It’s not just the Great Barrier Reef, but all coral reefs around the world that are facing critical endangerment’, he says.

Kim and David also share an admiration for each other’s creative masterpieces (over the years Dave has collected thirty of Kim’s silk paintings) and have now finally collaborated together to produce this book.

The collaboration combines a series of two minute videos by David dedicated to each sea creature illustrated in the book, and so a purchase of the book also comes with a free online subscription to the videos on the Coral Sea Dreaming Ocean Channel. The channel also then provides access to the world’s most extensive collection of marine programs and educational resources about coral reefs.

The story is centred on the reef at night, where all the sea creatures live and work together to make their own beautiful reef community. The eye catching book and blend of underwater video footage, aim to gain children’s attention and draw them to the wonderment of the undersea world.

Kim and David believe their collaboration can act as a unique education tool for children and getting the next generation understanding the need for caring for the ocean environment.

As amazing as Kim’s art interpretations of the coral reef are, they sadly could be some of the last beautiful representations, if they continue to die and our children lose the opportunity to witness the wonderment of living, breathing, beautiful colourful coral reefs in the real world.

Kim and David will donate 35% of profits to the Ocean Ark Alliance’s educational outreach programs.

To purchase a book (or any of Kim’s magnificent original artworks) or for information visit Kim’s website

Pictured below:  Kim’s unofficial Lennox Fan club Kathy Platt, Lynne McQueen, Angelina Leto, and Louise Jordan

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