Cars Of Lennox, July 17

The featured car this month is an Italian classic sports car, a 2004 Alfa Romeo Spyder owned by Simon from Lennox Head Physiotherapy. These stylish convertibles don’t have the same reputation as their fellow countrymen the Ferrari or Lamborghini but they still hold a place in the hearts of car enthusiasts the world over, myself included.

Make / Model – 2004 Alfa Romeo Spyder

Owner – Simon

LW – So Simon, how does a Lennox local end up owning a convertible Alfa as a daily driver?

Simon – My dad bought this car new for a decent amount of money. He drove it for a while and then decided it was time to sell it, he’d had his fun. Problem was despite having it on the market for years he never found a buyer and the car dropped in value considerably. 18 months ago my 1992 Hyundai Excel (my first car of many years) died on me, dad took pity on my situation and gave me the Alfa.

LW – Wow, that’s generous. Alfa’s have a bit of a reputation for being temperamental, is that the case?

Simon – I’ll admit it does have its quirks and if something goes wrong it can be costly but I have to say it’s worth it.

LW – Spoken like a true European car owner, what do you love about it?

Simon – It’s such a fun car to drive. Being a manual and a convertible it really is a proper motor car. You get the full experience of driving and being in control of the machine. Too many cars these days are just point and go, I find that a bit boring.

LW – I couldn’t agree more. The art of driving is fading away fast in many modern cars. So was the future hold for the Alfa?

Simon – I’ll own this car until it goes to Italian car heaven, it’s part of the family. I think over the next year or so I’ll make it a promotional car for my business. Keep an eye out for it all decked out.

LW – Will do. Thanks so much Simon for sharing your car and it’s story with us, it’s always entertainment to hear the back story on local cars.

Simon – No problem, chat again soon.

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