Village Renewal On Backburner

In a surprise announcement Ballina Shire Council has decided not to provide funding for the Lennox Head Village Renewal Plans, which had been on the drawing board for several years.

The Lennox Head Residents’ Association had been working closely with Council on the plans, and says that it is disappointed in the absence of funding. They released the following announcement on Facebook:

‘Ballina Council recently presented it’s draft Delivery Program for the four year period from 2017/18 to 2020/21.

The Lennox Head Residents’ Association (LHRA) was surprised to find that there is currently no proposed funding for the Lennox Village Renewal project. The LHRA has been working with the village renewal committee and Ballina Council staff for over a year on this now and we were expecting to see funding for the village renewal project in this 4 year Delivery Program.

There are some well overdue reasons why the [Lennox Head Residents’ Association] wants the village renewed.

1. Improved pedestrian safety
– crossing Ballina Street is hazardous, with only one pedestrian crossing. Cars move at varying speeds and pedestrians cross at random and unpredictable places
– the area near Ross Park is dangerous for pedestrians, especially for children
– footpaths are a patchwork and there are many trip hazards
2. Improved traffic management & parking
– With the many Lennox Head land releases approved and due for completion over upcoming years the Lennox Head township is in desperate need of a forward thinking traffic management & parking plan
3. Efficient use of council land, public infrastructure & services
– the village needs a convenient and central place (a ‘village green’) that is designed to meet the needs of the wider community
– bus services in and out of the town centre are at different ends of the town
4. Village Identity
The village centre lacks a consistent streetscape capable of communicating its identity/heritage/culture. A village renewal project will provide an opportunity for landscaping/public art that communicates Lennox Head’s connection to nature, sport and the people that helped shape it.

Lennox will celebrate 100 years in 2022
In 2022 Lennox Head will celebrate it’s 100 year anniversary. It was in December 1922 that the Lennox Head Estate Land Auction was held and it was then that the name ‘Lennox Head’ was given to the village for the first time. Lennox Head, led by it’s associations, intends to celebrate this occasion and welcome the wider Ballina Shire and its peoples to celebrate with us. It would be a great shame if the village renewal project was not completed prior to this significant event.
Ballina, Wardell & Alstonville have completed or made significant progress on their town centre renewal projects. It’s now Lennox Head’s turn.

The LHRA calls on Ballina council to :
• Identify funding for the Village Renewal project in 2017/2018
• Complete works prior to Lennox Head’s 100 year celebration in 2022′.

If you feel strongly about the plans for village renewal, contact the Residents’ Association, or Council.

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