YOLO, April 17

Have you ever wondered why things happen the way they do?

By this I mean, the kind of moments that are mind-bogglingly crazy, and yet as seemingly, surreal as they might be, somehow they are meant to be. I am almost certain many of us have experienced those unexpected events in our lives. For some of us they occur more than once.

In January, I had one such crazy ‘pinch myself’ moment. Being in Washington DC, I was ready to witness history in the making at the Presidential Inauguration Parade.

That day, the streets were abuzz with a multitude of people and barricades. Queues stretched so far and wide, it was almost impossible to get anywhere close… almost.

Love was everywhere. A few lads nearby, invited my sidekick and I to queue jump, having taken pity on the ‘cripz’ (that’s short for ‘cripples’ and what we’ve nicknamed ourselves).

The crowd parted like Moses parting the sea, and we moved to the front.

Moses’ sea parted again that evening, when us cripz were standing less than 50 feet from the newly inaugurated President Trump. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined attending the exclusive The Armed Forces Inauguration Ball! The calibre of people in that room was amazing!

Following official proceedings, a man approached us. He had a regal, yet extremely down-to-earth, presence. He smiled warmly, shaking our hands, introducing himself as ‘General’.

The General initiated an instant conversation. Upon discovering I was Australian, he was elated and spent 15 minutes taking a keen interest in my background. We jovially exchanged some adventure tales. Upon which, my dear sidekick and I ribbed him for visiting Oz 25 times and not trying Vegemite!

At the time we did not know that General was Four Star Major General John Kelly, President Trump’s right hand man, and The Secretary of US Homeland Security.

Major General Kelly, concluded our conversation by saying to me, ‘America needs teachers like you here. We’d love to have you, even through Australia would be at a loss to lose you.’

This is a moment I will never forget. Often people are not as black and white (or orange) in reality. It’s not a picnic to take the path we are destined to lead with sticks, but treacherous roads can be repaved.

It was an honour for my 4 legs to be in the midst of the US Nation’s best. I was exactly where I was meant to be. I am where I am meant to be.

YOLO Right?

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