YOLO, May 17

Most of us have heard the phrase – ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.’ Some might prefer ‘add tequila instead’ – but whatever works. (Personally, I’m on a tequila sabbatical, but that’s another story, let’s not sidetrack here).

There is something to be said for that ‘lemons to lemonade’ phrase. I recently read and article shared by PWDA (People with Disabilities Australia) President Bonnie Millen, who took this squeezing lemons stance.

According to the article, Barbie doll Becky, was discontinued from market because her funky pink/purple wheelchair couldn’t squeeze into the elevator and doorways of Barbie’s new dream house. Life’s lemons I suppose.

Becky was a huge hit, apparently selling as many as 6,000 dolls in the first two weeks on shelves. Clearly with her sparkly blue outfit she could be considered as a thrill-seeker who loves zipping around in Barbie’s pink corvette. She only needed Ken, to help lift her in. Socially Becky was no stranger to the fun life of flashy pink bling. Life in plastic is truly fantastic.

Or was. The rainbows and lollipops didn’t last.  Restructuring Barbie’s Dream House to make accommodations, was too complicated, and certainly not aesthetically pleasing to the colour scheme of fuchsia pink.

This might seem hilarious, but Becky’s wheelchair reflects the barriers people with disabilities do face in reality. It’s easier to ignore Becky’s existence and physical limitations by forgetting her entirely. Period.

I agree with Bonnie Millen on this one, *facepalm*

[If you’d like to know more about Becky please follow the link:

https://www.pri.org/stories/2017-04-09/becky-barbies-wheelchair-bound-friend-was-discontinued-heres-why ]

The interesting part is, we choose how we deal with life’s lemons. Imagination is the creation, that is and centre of the universe in Barbie’s world, our world. We can squeeze the most out of those lemons, because we all have the potential to roll on into those doorways. Let’s aim on them being wider, whichever way we can.

YOLO right?

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