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Forget Motivation, Find Purpose

I’ve really struggled with writing my column this month. I’ve left it to the last minute, as for some reason I kept thinking that I would feel motivated to do it. The last few days have been the worst. Anxiety had built up in knowing I’ve needed to do something and got my head in a real spin.

It got me thinking around how motivation relates to exercise. The days we don’t feel motivated to do it or the months on months that pass by where we seem to think one day we will feel motivated. I mean we’ve all seen it and probably lived it. The doc tells us we need to do something or our health will be in serious jeopardy, then we do it! A scare from the doc can’t be the motivation we are looking for but it gets us moving. The reason is we have a vision created for us of what life will be like if we don’t take action. You see I believe motivation isn’t real! I think motivation does the opposite of what we believe it does. It takes responsibility from ourselves and places onto a magic word when we are ‘not motivated’.

A vision is what is needed because a vision then gives us a purpose and a purpose is what makes us get shit done! You see for this column I was lost and confused on what to write because I didn’t have any real vision of what I wanted my readers to feel. I then created a vision of someone reading my column and having a switch flick in their head that changed their mindset from looking for motivation to creating a vision. A switch I flicked over sometime ago that really saw me progress.

A vision defines who we want to be and if you don’t lose focus you most certainly will live with purpose! I think more often than not we support others in pursuing their visions and lose sight of creating our own visions. Let’s not wait for the doc to tell you your vision. Whatever you do with your exercise over these cooler months, don’t look for motivation, create your vision and have a purpose. Use this thinking in all aspects of your life and you’ll be celebrating a lot of success.

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