Stewarts Farm Developers Want Traffic Lights

photo: Jason Mumford

Well, it’s official, after much conjecture over the past few months, the Stewarts Farm DA has been lodged (010.2017.00000244.001) and, although Council’s DCP states that its preferred design is for a roundabout, the DA includes provision for traffic lights at the corner of Headlands Drive, the Coast Road, and entry to Sharpes Beach carpark.

Headlands Road will be redirected as part of the development and moved slightly south to align with the newly developed Sharpes car park.

The development company Intrapac Skennars Head Pty Ltd is proposing to create ‘214 residential lots (ranging in size from 451m2 to 757m2), two parks, public reserves and nine (9) super lots, which will be subject to future subdivision applications.’

The developers are also asking for several variations to standards as follows:

‘The following variations to their infrastructure funding and provision standards as justified in this report:

  1. That the contribution rate per lot under the Ballina Open Space and Community Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2016 be reduced from $7,812.75/lot to $4,682.97/lot to allow for the provision of open space facilities within the subject development.
  2. That the cost of the treatment of the intersection of the realignment of Headlands Drive and The Coast Road be offset against the contribution payable under Ballina Shire Roads Contribution Plan Version 4.0.
  3. The proponent be compensated for any additional water and sewerage works they provide at Council’s request to serve development that is not part of this proposal.

The application says developers will ensure ‘a buffer is maintained to the coastal wetlands to the west of the site and to the east of the site along the Coast Road. The site does not extend beyond the southern boundary of the R2 zoning, beyond which a interurban rural break will be maintained (this is within stage 2). The development will serve as a logical extension to the Headlands Estate development to the north of the site.’

Community Consultation

The DA states:

‘Ninety (90) people registered for a community event with an estimated 130 people attending.

Attendees were specifically invited to comment on traffic management and the general development (including the location of the neighbourhood centre) Thirty-eight (38) traffic management feedback forms were received in the eight weeks after the community session. Twenty-six (26) general feedback forms or emails were received in this same period.

Attendees were presented with two options for accessing the site: a roundabout or signalised intersection. In both options, the new intersection would consolidate access to the site with access to Headlands Estate and Sharpes Beach Car Park. Sixty eight percent (68%) of those that provided feedback on traffic management indicated a preference for a roundabout at the intersection of The Coast Road to access the new development and existing Headland Estate. However, of those that provided a reason for their response, many acknowledged that traffic signalisation would be safer, particularly for pedestrians, school children and cyclists. Though a roundabout and underpass were seen by some as the safer option.’

There will be another community consultation this Saturday 27 May (full information TBA).


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