Lennox VIEW Club, April 17

At their March meeting Lennox Head VIEW Club Celebrated International Women’s Day. The tables were set with place mats that depicted photos of famous women and decorated with the colours of International Women’s Day reflecting the early suffragettes’ cause, to give women votes. The history of the celebration was read reminding members of the marches for ‘Bread and Roses’ with bread symbolizing economic security and roses for a better quality of life, and the deaths of 140 workers in a terrible fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company in New York due to the lack of safety measures. Members heard too that Australia was the second country in the world to grant women the vote.

At the VIEW meeting a candle was lit, one that had been crafted for the Club by the Nimbin Candle Factory and marbled in the colours of International Women’s Day. The candle was lit by Marie Rule the President of the inaugural Lennox Head VIEW Club in memory of the suffering of the women of the past. The Club’s International Women’s Day Award was presented to Joy Gregor for her dedicated work for VIEW. The guest speaker was 90 year old Caroline Pinter who told us about her early life and escape during the Russian invasion of Romania.

Lennox Head VIEW Club meets on the first Monday of the month at Club Lennox and new members are welcome. For enquiries please ring Dawn 6687 4328.

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