Lennox Longboarders, April 17

After cancellations throughout February, finally we had a Sunday meet for the club in March with decent waves, tide in our favour, a high mid morning at Lennox Main beach with a abating swell from the huge swell of the previous week. Conditions came together for a good round of longboarding in decent waves. 27 members took part in pristine autumn conditions with off shore winds.

Standout for this round was young Tim Leete, winning the Firsts with longboarding manoeuvres in a talented Firsts final.

Thanks goes to George Leslie & Grant Ryan (Comp Coordinators) & the Catering BBQ, from Will Petrie.

Vouchers won from Our 2 club sponsors, new to 2017 Coast Cafe Lennox Head, Voucher winner Grant Ryan & Lennox Surf Voucher to Greg Gover.

Pictured is Winner of the Firsts Tim Leete, and some of the Crew Judging on the day.


1sts. 1. Tim Leete. 2. Chris Cann. 3. Aaron Cooper-Smith. 4. Greg Gover. 5. Peter Regan.

2nds. 1. John Eddy. 2.James Foster. 3. Will Petrie. 4. Wayne Booth. 5. Geoff Mitchell.

3rds. 1. Nathan Mackenzie. 2. Grant Ryan. 3. Dennis Baker. 4. Andrew Thomas. 5. Terry Kay.

4ths. 1. Rob Rye. 2. Jim Baker. 3. Roz Brown. 4. Mal Lewis. 5. Eleanor Robertson. 6. Nick Mitchell.

5ths. 1. Gary Alford. 2. Peter Briggs. 3. Emily Simmonds. 4. Bob Mills. 5. Meg Smith. 6. Adelle Purbrick.

Next Club Surf is scheduled for the 2nd Sunday of the Month. Sunday 9th April. All New Members are WELCOME. We meet @ Lennox Main @ 730am

Info Regarding the club, Website – www.lennoxlongboarders.org & Email – club@lennoxlongboarders.org.

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