Cars Of Lennox, May 17

We’ll wasn’t April busy around town? Two lots of holidays brought in great crowds, some of whom travelled here to camp in their unique vans.

Everyone of us has at one stage thought it might be nice to pull up stumps and head out on the open road, set up a campervan and just go, see where life takes us. Some lucky people are out there living that dream and here in Lennox we get plenty of them dropping by. This month instead of featuring a local car, I’m going to pay tribute to a few of the more unique vans that have caught my eye.

The cute blue and white one is a UK made Commer. a British manufacturer of commercial vehicles from 1905 until 1979. Commer vehicles included car-derived vans, light vans, medium to heavy commercial trucks, military vehicles and buses. This one is a 60’s model that most likely started life as a delivery van and was simply converted into a basic camper to emulate the popular Kombi. It looks like it has had a recent restoration to original specifications, an absolute gem. A very rare van indeed.

The converted Toyota bus made me giggle due to it’s name Beluga (a type of whale), very fitting. It is also proof that you don’t have to spend a fortune to live the dream. Buy an old but reliable bus and get your DYI on. Add the bits you need, leave out want you don’t. Plenty of space to make a comfortable home on a budget. Well done.

The little white Daihatsu is the backpacker special – Compact, stay anywhere lifestyle. It’s transport, housing and adventure all in one. VERY cozy, you really need to like the person you’re travelling with. There are no fancy facilities but who cares, most of your time is spent in the great Ozzie outdoors or at the pub. For the same price as a very average family sedan you’re on your way to wherever you end up.

Seeing these campers really brings home how lucky we are to live here, in a town that is in so many travellers’ sights as a must-see destination. If we can’t pack up and travel just yet, at least we know we are living a chunk of the dream already.

Happy travels.

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