Cars Of Lennox, April 17

Make / Model – Toyota Landcrusier 79 Series

Owner – Jake

Some people take four wheel driving seriously, Jake is one of those people! His 79 Series Landcruiser V8 diesel was a serious off roader when it was bought at the dealership. Now Jake has customised it to his requirements you won’t find a better ‘Go Anywhere’ truck.

LW – There aren’t many four wheel drives like this one Jake, what’s the story?

Jake – Well I’m part owner of TJM Northern Rivers and we deck out cars, mostly four wheel drives with custom accessories so I had to build a company vehicle we could use as a demo vehicle. Not to mention the fact I just wanted the ultimate set up that I could use. I love going off road exploring so why not do it in style?

LW – You sure do have some gear on there, can you tell us about it?

Jake  – There is over $30000 worth of extras. The obvious stuff is things like towbar, bull bar, side steps, snorkel, offroad rims and tyres. It is also set up to be a fully self sufficient camping machine with a roof top tent, awning, solar, batteries, water supply, fridge, UHF, sat nav and so much more. It pretty much has everything.

LW – So do you get away in it much?

Jake – Yeah, quite a few weekends. As part of my business promotion I like to take a group of people away to remote spots, we go in convoy and make a camping weekend of it. Get the cars dirty and go home. Customers love it and it often ends up in a few extra sales when people see what bits and pieces they can add to their cars.

LW – You’ve got it worked out.

Jake – Yep, as they say, do what you love.

LW – Absolutely. So if I want to deck out my car how do I find you?

Jake – Look for the truck and wave me down! Actually we have two TJM stores, one in Lismore and a new one in Ballina near the old Bunnings building. Come in and we’ll sort you out.

LW – Thanks mate, I’ll come for a look for sure.

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