Body Talk, April 17

Bucket List Living

I had a ‘bucket list’ before they were cool. In fact, I don’t think the term bucket list was even around then.

But, as I sat there as a 22-year-old in the kitchen of my house that I had purchased from my parents who had divorced and left the duties of raising my 11 year old brother to me, I knew that I wanted to DO stuff.

And by ‘stuff,’ I didn’t mean just go drinking and pick up girls with my mates every weekend or follow the traditional uni-job-marry-baby route. I wanted to do FUN stuff. Stuff that I wouldn’t look back at the end of my life and wish I had done.

So I made a ‘Life To Do’ list that included everything from surfing pipeline, writing and singing my own country music, to traveling the east coast of Australia and finding the perfect place. It had 60 items that were completely crazy in nature, ss any bucket list worth its salt should be.

But then, life happened, starting with raising my younger brother. Fast forward to 2017, where I’m a little bit older and I still haven’t checked most of the items off the list. In fact, I think I have only checked off half without thinking about it.

The good news, however, is I still have the list. And more importantly… I have more motivation than ever to finish it.

After watching my dear friend (who was also my Mentor) pass away from cancer just six weeks after his diagnosis, it became clear to me; you truly don’t know how much time you have left.

Why are we all waiting around to live… ‘til we’re older, ‘til we retire, ‘til we get married, ‘til the kids are grown, ‘til we have more money…? So I have dusted off the list, made just a few slight changes (I couldn’t really care less about reading at least 1 book about each religion or visiting Universal Studios) and I have set out with a new conviction to get the list done!

And now, not only is my bucket list well on its way to getting marked off, but I now consider ‘bucket list living’ a way of life!

Bucket list living means being present, remembering how precious life is. Taking chances, believing in your dreams.

So I say, live the dream dust off that list or create one! Finding the perfect place on the east coast ‘Tick’!


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