Stepping Into Work

A community partnership between FSG and Nortec Staffing Solutions has resulted in two local people gaining paid employment locally, one within FSG.

The two Nortec clients were referred to FSG in July 2016 as part of the Social, Training and Enterprise Partnerships Program (STEP). Both clients were accepted and given regular shifts at the FSG retail shop in River St, Ballina. Over a three month period, they gained important skills on a volunteer basis.

FSG Community Collective team leader, Kerensa Dixon, said both of the clients had since gained paid work and one of them, Kylie Cochrane, had continued working at the FSG retail shop.

‘This is a mentoring program to give people retail skills,’ she said. ‘They came in and volunteered in the shop and we taught them cash handling skills, customer service, communication and how to set up displays.’

FSG’s regional manager, Isabel Perdriau, said STEP had positive outcomes for its participants.

‘We look for people who want to work hard, with a giving spirit, energy and enthusiasm,’ she said.

The FSG retail shop in River St sources products from local artists and suppliers. ‘The people we walk alongside within FSG programs also create art and craft items for sale, with all proceeds supporting further development of a broad range of service offerings.’

Ms Dixon said many people dropped into the shop to ask how they could get involved, and she also sourced suppliers from local markets and from doing her own research.

‘It’s a great way for people to get more exposure for their products,’ she said. ‘We also make our own green cleaning products at a warehouse on the Gold Coast, and people can get experience working there as well.’

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