Rudiger Wasser Exhibition

The Lennox Arts Collective (LAC) is introducing an exciting range of artists into its space this year, hiring out wall space to local artists from all genres and inviting Lennox locals in to see the works.

Until the end of March Rudiger Wasser is hiring half the LAC’s wall space bringing a new collection of his stunning ‘Perspectives’ photographs.

Rudiger talks about his work:

My experience goes back to the days of film, black & white and the dark room. These days I work in digital and Light room with DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.

My photographs are a result of observing the world and people around me, loving art and seeing the little moments that are so surprising and unique, as well as capturing the here and now – there and then – a personal observation and capture of the human experience. I prefer to be the candid observer, in contrast to producing posed and set up shots as we find them in today’s social media. In that way I believe photographs show more of the reality of life, rather than what we are supposed to perceive.

Photography is a unique and challenging art medium. Over the last 150 odd years virtually everything possible in photography has been done. When taking photographs my focus is on content, timing and design, without regard to specific technique or genre, although I seem to be drawn to urban and architectural motives. This includes Street Photography emphasising the human element of the scene. Mostly I work without tripod and use available light only. With few exceptions, my photographs are not posed, artificially created or physically altered, I do however use editing techniques to enhance colours, saturation and contrast in post production.

Drop in and have a look at LAC until 30 March. Contact LAC on

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