New Residents’ Association Committee

Pictured: new President of the Residents’ Association, Monica Wilcox

On Monday evening a new committee was elected to steer the Residents’ Association into the future. Congratulations go to the new President, Monica Wilcox and her team. It comprises Shaun Eastment as Vice President, Tom Berry as Treasurer and Bob Wilcox as Secretary. The three elected Committee members are Kelly Saunderson, Malcolm Milner and Jane Leete with Geoff Wegg elected as Public Officer.

In stepping down, outgoing President Graham Shaw spoke about the need for the Association to be inclusive and to adopt a collaborative approach with Council and key community stakeholders. He warned against ‘establishing a culture of conflict and an aggressive approach in the Association’s style of operation.’

‘The most important aspect of the Association is to enable full participation of all members so that wide and divergent views can be discussed and evaluated in a spirit of openness and courtesy,’ he said.

‘I believe this is the only way the Association can serve its key purpose of developing levels of influence so that progress and improvement for the residents of the Lennox Head community are achieved.’

Incoming President Monica Wilcox says, ‘My focus is on community development not single issues & finding common ground amongst the association’s members. The new committee wants to continue the  professional  communication the association has with Council and other organisations.’

If you would like to have more say in the future of the town and key issues facing us, get in touch with the Residents’ Association by email on


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