New Faces At Lois Buckett

This year Lois Buckett has welcomed two new faces to her sales team.

Angela Proudman started life in Bora Ridge, near Evans Head, and began her career as a sales rep for a cosmetics company. She says she always loved the idea of being in real estate, but was waiting to get a bit older.

‘Then one day I realised, I was a bit older!’ she says.

Luckily she had a friend in the business who had a real estate office in Terrigal and gave her a start. And by many standards, she was still quite young, but she took to her new career quickly, producing good results and enjoying the work, right through to this day.

‘It’s not just a job, but a lifestyle, being in real estate,’ she says. ‘Especially in a small town like Lennox Head, you find yourself getting to know so many people, and thinking about their particular case at all hours of the day.

‘But I love taking people on that journey, from selling their home, right through to finding a new one. We are not just about selling, but more about helping people fulfill their dreams.’

Vaino Lillioja agrees. He says that he and Angela often go out ‘just to meet people, because we love socialising.

‘You meet the loveliest people in this industry,’ he says. ‘There are so many interesting characters out there, and over the years I have made many good friends.

‘In the morning I ride my bike through Lennox and wave at people.’

Vaino started his career as a teacher in NZ, but moved out of teaching into building and then into sales. He held positions selling groceries and pharmaceuticals. ‘I even sold knees and hips for a while,’ he says.

Vaino also had a friend in the real estate business who offered him a job in Lake Macquarie. From there he also found his niche, and says he gets enormous satisfaction helping people to sell and buy homes.

‘There’s a great team spirit here in the Lois Buckett office, we all share information and we have a bit of fun. That’s so important.’

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