Cars Of Lennox, March 17

Trevor’s Cobra Concept (Designed By Shelby)

The prototype for this car was first shown in 2004 in the USA as a modern update of the 1960s classic Shelby Cobra. Unfortunately it never made it to production but a few smaller kit car builders around the globe jumped on the design including GT40 Cars here in Australia.

LW – So Trevor, how did you come to own this amazing car?

Trevor – I was looking for something different without spending a fortune. I spotted the Cobra Concept and right then decided this is what I’m after, I’d seen plenty of the 1960s AC style Cobras but the modern version had much more appeal. I found GT40 Cars and they could either build you the car or they could supply the chassis and various parts and I could then build it myself. I went with that option.

LW – You built the car?

Trevor – Yes, It took 15 or so months in my garage. With basic mechanical knowledge and their handbook I set to work. I needed to buy a donor Ford Falcon XR8 which provided parts like the mechanicals, electrics, interior and brakes, the rest was supplied by GT40. It was a challenge getting it to registrable stage but worth every minute.

LW – You’ve done a brilliant job, It is truly unique.

Trevor – This car is actually number 22 of the kits made by GT40 and I believe they have stopped making them now so there isn’t many out there. It’s also a custom colour from the Lexus range so maybe the only one in this colour.

LW – It looks the part for sure but does it go?

Trevor – Sure does, it actually has the same performance figures as a Porsche GT3 or Lamborghini Diablo, so yes, it goes!

LW – All things considered I imagine your not about to sell it?

Trevor – I toyed with the idea but I enjoy it too much, as does my wife. She squeals with delight no matter how fast we are going!

LW – We’ll you’d be mad to sell it then. Thanks for your time Trevor, I’m sure we’ll hear the squeals and the mighty Ford V8 in Lennox streets for years to come.

Trevor – I’m sure you will. Thank you.

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