Body Talk, March 17

Rocking our way to health

Last month I touched briefly on attitude, and things that make us happy and therefore healthy. 

I remember clearly a conversation a couple of years ago, with an old-time rock singer from the sixties. After decades of abuse from alcohol, various substances, poor diet, all night partying and minimal water intake, his health wasn’t great.  But during his latter years he was on his way to cleaning up his lifestyle choices and one of the things that he said to me was key to why he is still alive today and doing so well. He said ‘every morning when I wake up, I think I’m glad to be here and every single day I make the most out of that day’! 

So how do we stay motivated? How do we find our own Mojo? Not all of us are suited to pumping iron in the gym, running triathlons or doing burpees in the park. Happiness and a healthy mind is the beginning of a healthy body.

There is so much scientific evidence now which shows that as we grow older, if we become creatures of sedentary habits our bodies slow down, organs don’t work as well, toxic fat cells build up creating centres for disease.

In short, we have to keep physically moving, get the blood and oxygen pumping and be happy about how we’re doing it. Whatever type of exercise we incorporate in our lifestyle the key is to find exercise that you enjoy.

The other night we went with friends to see a rock band. We danced all night, jumping up and down and lost our body weight in perspiration. The next day I woke up feeling like I was 16 instead of the reverse which is more like my age.

So, my new cardio workout is twenty minute sessions of rock and roll favourites as I dance and jump around the lounge room and I finish every workout with a smile from ear to ear!

It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but, the message for this month is wake up each day with this thought. ‘It’s a perfect day in paradise, I’m glad to be here in fact I’m glad to be anywhere’. Then get your blood pumping and oxygenate and hydrate. 

Happiness and Health folks!

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