Lennox Head Public School, Feb 17

2017, here we are! We warmly welcome all students back to school and a special welcome to any new students who have recently moved and enrolled at Lennox Head Public School for 2017! By the time this goes to print we will already have held our annual school swimming carnival at Ballina Memorial Pool on Wednesday 1 February.

We congratulate our new school leaders for 2017. Our newly elected school captains are Josh Godward and Taylah Ledingham and are ably supported by our school vice captains Josh Young and Mikayla Alexander.

We would like to give a special welcome all our new kindergarten students to Lennox Head Public School. We look forward to you growing with confidence throughout the year, learning new routines and many new skills. The kindergarten children will have lots of help and support from our kindergarten teachers Mrs Cork, Ms Richardson, Mrs Thomas and Miss Zerk as well as from their year six buddy.

By Kate Reka

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