Change Your Mindset; Find the Balance

Thirty per cent of people have already failed on New Year’s health and fitness resolutions.  Less than 10% will stick it out. This means more than 90% won’t achieve what they deemed at the start of the year to be a priority. 

Why is that?

Everybody wants success but nobody wants to grind for it. Everybody wants to lose weight, be fitter and change habits, but they aren’t prepared to change their mindset.

We all know what we want on the surface but are we prepared to dig underneath the surface and see where the change really needs to happen? We set ourselves up for failure because we don’t put an action plan in play to create focus.

People are always asking me, ‘Can you write me a gym program?’

I once upon a time used to do it, until all I saw was myself helping set them up for failure. Nine times out of ten I would put hours into the program, show them how to carry out the exercises, and I’d be lucky to see them ever do it once, and more often than not they would become strangers, embarrassed they wasted my time, which in turn made them feel like a bigger failure.

You see, following a program isn’t where the change is. Trying to fit that program into an already unbalanced life isn’t the answer. Changing the mindset and getting a balanced lifestyle is.

Training is only 20%. Diet, sleep, environment, support and mindfulness are where the other 80% is. You need to surround yourself with likeminded people who want to achieve similar goals and are prepared to change their paradigm. You need to lean on each other, keep each other honest; you need to become part of a team that is striving to be the best version of themselves at all costs.

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