Win $2000 And Help Grant In The Tour De Cure

Picture: Craig Parry

It’s getting very close now—Grant Ferreira is coming to the pointy end of his quest—to raise the $12,000 needed to participate in the Tour De Cure in March. Thanks to all who have made donations so far (with special mention the Lennox Head Golden Oldies, who have supported him from day 1) he’s reached just over the half way mark.

The tour De Cure is a 9 day bike ride, where participants must meet certain requirements such as fitness, passion and fundraising. This endurance, charity ride takes them from Hotham to Hobart across close to 1300km of mountainous, gruelling terrain.

For Grant it is a particularly personal ride because it raises money that goes towards the fight to cure cancer, an illness he is way too familiar with. He has had a rocky ride through cancer diagnosis, complications and surgery. Now feeling good, and fitter than most people you will meet, he still has several other physical challenges that will make this achievement even sweeter. Not the least of those are a pacemaker and a genetic cholesterol level that would have most doctors calling for an ambulance.

But a rigorous training regime, strict diet and nutrition help him keep the doctors at bay.

Yes, the ride will be gruelling, but it’s Grant’s commitment to involving and communicating with our community that finding a cure for cancer would benefit us all.

With a goal of $12,000, he has had to get creative with his fundraising ideas.

In the final lead up to the event, he has decided to run a mega raffle, with a whopping $2000 prize at stake. Grant has secured the support of local retailers and offers this huge prize – which of course would be spent locally – and will be drawn on Saturday 25 February at a special breakfast at the local Lennox Head, Williamsburg restaurant. There will be a guest speaker, spot prizes and a chance to buy last minute raffle tickets. Plus the opportunity to find out more about the Tour de Cure and Grant’s personal journey.

Breakfast: Williamsburg

When: from 8 am to 11 am on Saturday 25 Feb.

Prize: $2000 to spend locally.

Everyone is welcome, cycle down.

Or donate directly here.

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