Road Closure Gives Market Green Light


It is now looking more likely that the eastern road along the edge of Lake Ainsworth will be closed and transformed into a recreational park.

Back in September (after the election of several new councillors), Ballina Shire Council resolved to suspend previous approvals to close the eastern Lake Ainsworth road and instead to write to the NSW Minister of Sport to request information on where it stands with regard to the road closure.

The motion which was carried was as follows:

  1. That Council write to the NSW Minister for Sport to request the Department provide its preferred options, including financial support, for maintaining access via the East Road and enhancing the amenity of the Eastern precinct of Lake Ainsworth.
  2. That Council take no further action in relation to the proposed closure of the East Road until negotiations with the State Government have been finalised and a set of options are available for consideration.

However, at the recent November meeting a motion was put and carried to rescind the above motion.

FOR VOTE – Cr David Wright, Cr Phillip Meehan, Cr Jeff Johnson, Cr Stephen McCarthy and Cr Sharon Cadwallader

AGAINST VOTE – Cr Eoin Johnston, Cr Nathan Willis, Cr Keith Williams and Cr Ben Smith

ABSENT. DID NOT VOTE – Cr Sharon Parry

This means that, given the resolution to close the road has been passed, Lennox Head residents can expect to see works begin in the new year.

According to B Ward Councillor Jeff Johnson who moved the recision motion, ‘I’m optimistic that we’ve come to the end of what has been a long and protracted process. Lennox Head residents can now look forward in the new year to the beginning of works to create a beautiful recreational parkland in the eastern Lake Ainsworth precinct.’

Markets to return to Lake

At the same Council meeting in November Council resolved to return the markets to the Lake upon completion of works on the Lake Ainsworth precinct.

The Motion was moved by Cr Sharon Cadwallader and seconded by Cr Ben Smith

FOR VOTE – Cr Eoin Johnston, Cr Stephen McCarthy, Cr Nathan Willis, Cr Keith Williams, Cr Sharon Cadwallader and Cr Ben Smith

AGAINST VOTE – Cr David Wright, Cr Phillip Meehan and Cr Jeff Johnson ABSENT.

DID NOT VOTE – Cr Sharon Parry

3 Responses

  1. Toddy

    Every day 100s of folks from Lennox and surrounds use that access road and it’s a safe, vibrant local meeting place. It provides simple accessibility without lugging your drinks and food for 100’s meters. I bet that ambiance dies off, replaced by fresh council concrete and plastic seating. The area will be used less, especially through week days, as people have less time between work hours. The drive up accessibility to the beach and lake is the attraction for many people coming to this area. With this in mind who are the council really do this for?

  2. Richard

    Close the road to protect the lake etc, fine! Bring back the markets, great! But there is NEVER going to be enough carparks to cover all the visitors to the lake! I was there on the weekend and it was MAYHEM. Not enough parks even with the new ones, people driving up & down just waiting for someone to leave, and a rear-ender at the “entrance” because there are so many people to watch for & dodge, just running across the roads etc to get to the lake. This is going to get worse because of the shark situation (people swimming in the lake that used to go to the beach) & the nippers etc on the weekends also require carparks too!


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