Cosmo Reads The Stars, Virgo 16

Virgos are a misunderstood bunch. And they love it.

Careful, conservative, meticulous and reliable. Modest, fussy, over-analytical, perfectionists.

Bah humbug!

This month you are showing no signs of the trademark caution or diligence so often associated with your sign.

Quite the contrary, chaos, clumsiness and carelessness are the order of the day for you, as you live out your firm belief that an untidy external environment is really just a cover for an neat and orderly interior.

Continue to chew paper, cardboard, shoes, sticks and cockroaches with careless abandon, leaving a mess wherever you go. Spill your doggy bickies all over the laundry floor, and bring the entire garden onto the carpet when you wander inside. On one or two occasions you may even invent a new place to do your business. But do you care?

This month you stand up and be counted Virgo. Don’t let anyone organise you or force you into doing something you are not ready to take on right now. If you don’t want to come in from the garden, stand your ground. It could be the thin end of the wedge.

As for romance? Better leave it completely alone until at least November.

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