Cosmo Reads The Stars, Libra

Libra Sept 23 – Oct 22

Can’t make up your mind? So, you are still up to your old tricks: barking to go outside, waiting for the door to be opened, and then standing there staring out into the garden.

What’s so hard about that Libra? While most of us would be eager to get out there and pee on a tree, you’re still not sure if there’s not something better for you to do inside.

And this is the story of your life. Do you ever wonder why you have been stuck in the same old daily routine forever? Perhaps why you never quite reached your potential? Why some may see you as a chronic underachiever?

Your inability to take this metaphorical leap forward has been dogging you for too long Libra, but with the new moon in Virgo this is the month you just might be able to make a decision for once in your life.

This month it’s time to Choose Life. Step boldly out, pick a tree or a bush or a fence post and do it. It’ll be a life changer.

As for romance? You know that old saying, ‘Better the devil you know’? Well it’s absolute nonsense.

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