Vines To Grow At Groovers

Melissah McGrath is excited to be returning to Lennox Head. After a couple of years away, the former school teacher says she can’t wait to reconnect with friends and family and to open her new bar and shared food restaurant, Vines, specialising in whiskey and champagne, in the old Groovers premises.

‘I’ve got a lot of connections here, so it will be so good to come back. I love Lennox Head,’ she said.

Melissah had been looking for some time for the right place to begin her next venture into hospitality.

‘When I saw this online, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity. This little courtyard has so much potential. There are already two great eateries here, so we could make it a great night time food hub.’

‘We plan to create a small but special menu that focuses on shared plates in the evening, plus a range of whiskeys and champagnes that has some depth and satisfies the connossieur.’

‘At lunch it will be fresh gourmet salads and 100% locally grown Zenfelds coffee.

‘We will be the only place to have 100% locally grown coffee.

‘For brekkie we are not really planning to open, except we will roll the coffee machine out into the courtyard from 6.30 and there will be muffins, wraps and quiches for sale.

‘We will take over on the 1st of August and be closed for 5 days while we do a complete renovation.

‘The final result’, said Melissah, ‘will be lots of green vegetation, hanging vines, with a lush, tropical feel.’

Vines will open on August 6.

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