Calls For A Lennox Head Councillor


There is a group of people in Lennox Head who are calling for volunteers. They want someone to put their hand up and stand for Council, purely and simply to represent Lennox Head.

They acknowledge that Lennox Head has its B Ward Councillors who they say ‘are doing what they think is best for Lennox Head’, but this group says it wants someone who will put themselves out there to stand for the interests of the Lennox Head community.

Pip Carter explains it this way. ‘We’ve had the closure of the Lake Road, the movement of the market away from the Lake, the decision on the ski jump, the installation of shark barriers, and redevelopment of the surf club precinct. But how much consultation has there been? Where’s our democracy? I believe that there are only a few people on Council that have Lennox Head’s interests at heart.’

‘I think I speak for a lot of Lennox Head people when I say that I felt that a lot of these decisions were made without the knowledge or agreement of the community that they will affect the most.’

‘Now I’m the first to put my hand up and say, Ok, maybe I haven’t read everything and kept up to date with every decision that affects me. But I think that the communication and representation of the bodies designed to represent us has let us down. We are not looking for someone to tow a party line but just someone who will listen, consult, communicate and consider all sides of each argument. Maybe we need to rethink the Ward system. Possibly the boundaries are not working the way they need to to represent the unique towns we have in the region.’

‘So we are hoping that there is someone out there who might be willing to take on this challenge. A Lennox Head Councillor would be a person who would manage the requirements of our unique town. When you live in a town, you have a very strong identification with that place. Now not everyone in Lennox Head is going to agree on every issue, but it’s a good place to start—with someone who’s main commitment is to find out what most of the Lennox population feels about each issue.’

If you are interested in standing for Council for Lennox Head or finding out more about Pip’s proposal, give him a call on 0405 141 537.

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  1. Lavender.

    Community consultation is a two-way process. Residents of the Ballina Shire are provided with information and opportunites for consultation through local media, on the Council website, through brochures etc. at the Council offices and the Lennox Community centre foyer, through live reports at the Residents’ Assoc. monthly meetings. The three B Ward Councillors, Cadwallader, Johnson and Williams, are available for consultation and information, and anyone can email, write or ring the Council office and speak with various staff members according to their area of responsibility.

    You have to take responsibility for your part to gather information, to be consulted, to be a responsible commentator/critic of the system. Please don’t whinge about democracy if you just expect any information that you perchance want to land in your letter box.

    As for Mr Carter appealing to the good folks of Lennox to lead the charge for Council, one has to wonder what he has done to support the existing processes instead of frequent criticisms and claims that he speaks for many others. He has never consulted with me. Perchance there emerges “someone who’s (sic) main commitment is to find out what most of the Lennox population feels about each issue”, what mechanism would be suggested, and how would consensus be achieved? How long will it be before that person will be subjected to similar criticisms and dissatisfactions? History is littered with tales of people who stand up claiming to speak for “most of the population” and how they ill-served participatory democracy and ended their own careers in tears.

    Seems like we live in an imperfect world doesn’t it? However there’s still many people left who work pro-actively to create effective community dialogue and co-operative processes. Councillors Cadwallader, Johnson and Williams I thank you for you work for Lennox and I know that if you aren’t perfect you’ll accept respectful feedback and continue to work for our community.

    K. Lavender.
    2nd August 2016.

  2. Mark Waller

    I also agree that democracy re decisions affecting Lennox is certainly flawed. While council has to shoulder some of the blame, the real problem is with state Governments (of both persuasions) who over ride councils and make decisions about development in our town. I’m not sure why we who have to live with the decisions are not able to make them. The answer is of course money (greed). Sadly, the lifestyle I have enjoyed for 40+ years is being eroded and will disappear. Lennox will become just another overdeveloped coastal town with all of the associated problems. Very sad.

  3. Monica

    This appears to be a timely challenge to attribute all Lennox woes to others, then announce a gallant hero who is waiting behind the curtain.

    I would like add to the list of skills & experiences a candidate could have:

    1) Has demonstrated persistence on long standing issues, by initiating respectful conversations with current councillors and Council, participated in functional community discussion and not leave it, till there is election looming.

    2) Has demonstrated co-operation & respect within the Lennox community on controversial matters whilst avoiding polarising the community into “us & them.”

    3) Overall, demonstrated leadership & initiative using facts not opinion.

    4) Not an one-issue-wonder, NIMBY and/or big fish little pond-er.

    Sadly, Mark W. you are quite accurate. There is a lot of change being bestowed on Lennox by “higher’ orgs.

    A recent research of Gibbon St residents’ shows that they believe they’re living on a dangerous transport corridor not a residential street in a coastal town, because of increasing traffic which is speeding & breaking other basic road rules (& its mainly locals).

    An expert said these results are similar to Christhurch and San Francisco residents. Big city problem in a coastal town.

    Armed with this evidence-based research I had a meeting with our current 3 Councillors. They were receptive and put their support behind getting action.
    At the recent, Council meeting we got 300 metres of footpath starting from Byron Street.

    It’s a start for Gibbon and other Lennox streets, and it was due to residents initiating the process and mutual respect between residents and the Councillors.


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