We Loved Love Lennox

Well done Lennox Head, you’ve done it yet again! The 2016 Love Lennox Festival was another roaring success, all thanks to the participation and support from the businesses and community groups that make the town that we truly love.

Love Lennox has grown to become our town’s key annual event, one (normally quiet) day per year where we all gather in town, joining together to celebrate, to support and to promote.

Though the purpose and the ongoing ripple effect that this festival gives us cannot be measured purely by the till takings on the day, or the numbers in the street. It is all about what this event does for Lennox in the broader scheme of things.

We need to step back and look at the bigger picture. This is all about small business and great places and how these interact to make magic happen. The volunteers of the Chamber of Commerce strive to encourage and empower business and community to take a leadership role in placemaking, through participation in events such as Love Lennox.

Vanessa Ferreira, from the Office of the NSW Small Business Commissioner recently held a Placemaking Workshop here.

As people and businesses become more mobile, the importance of placemaking plays a far more significant role in affecting the economic development of an area. Research shows that the quality of place is critical to attracting and retaining skilled and talented people, promoting business development and entrepreneurship, and draws small businesses to the area. These are all key drivers to improve a community’s local economy, encourage business investment, create jobs and increase the number of start-ups.

Workshop facilitator Cr Katherine O’Regan outlined what makes a great place: ‘Nurtures and defines sense of community, fosters social interaction, promotes health, promotes a sense of comfort, creates improved accessibility, builds and supports local economy’

This is the big picture.


President, Lennox Head Chamber of Commerce

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