Happy Anniversary Mi Thai

There’s an old saying that goes ‘A partnership is the worst ship to sail on.’

But that certainly has not been the case for Mi Thai partners Andrew Kneipp (right) and Daniel Mery (left), who are this month celebrating a big 15 years in business together in Lennox Head.

During Gromfest way back on July 6 2001, these friends remember opening the doors to Mi Thai, after looking around for some time for a viable business. Mi Thai was already here, but only a year or so old, and chef Daniel and his mate Andrew grabbed the opportunity.

From there each of the partners took charge of the two sides of the business: Andrew managed front of house, bookkeeping and staff, while Dan, who is a qualified chef, took charge of the kitchen and ordering, menus etc.

It’s a formula that has really worked very well. The fact that many of the original staff, like Made, Luke and Mark, are still also there after years of service bears testament to the winning formula, as does the fact that Mi Thai is now double its original size. Cheers boys.

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