Emma Coulter Is Ms July 16

Occupation: Dentist at Lennox Point Dental

Birthplace: New Plymouth, New Zealand

Family: Partner Chad, and dogs Parker and Suki

Star Sign: Virgo

Favourite Food: potato wedges with sour cream

Dentistry. Most people wouldn’t see it as an obvious career choice for a creative person, but Emma Coulter recognised early on that the dentistry profession would allow her to work with her hands and use her artistic skills. And fortunately for her clients, she also quickly worked out that her former aspiration to be a vet was flawed as her love of animals meant she could never put an animal down. 

As the youngest of five children, Emma says that she spent much of her first five years in New Zealand watching her older brothers and sisters tackle outdoor sports. By the time she was old enough to join them, her family had relocated to Hertfordshire, England.

Emma was a dancer until the age of 18, and always had an artistic creation on the go, including being commissioned to make models of people for their birthdays.

A gap year travelling around Australia and New Zealand after school furthered Emma’s love for the great outdoors, and two years after completing her dentistry qualification at the University of Bristol, she fulfilled a lifetime dream to relocate to Australia. She has lived in Lennox Head for more than 12 years and commenced at Lennox Point Dental in 2014.

‘Lennox is very welcoming to outsiders, and I love being a part of this community, so much so that I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else and can’t wait to embark on our new home building project.’

Emma has a passion for painting – especially animals – and for decorating birthday and wedding cakes.

Most mornings, Emma can be found on the beach walking her dogs and admiring the beautiful sunrises as Lennox Head awakens.

Hobbies: painting, cake decorating, surfing, running, yoga, photography, camping …anything in nature.

Best thing about your job: Aside from working with a great team and within a lovely community, what I really love is the cosmetic side of dentistry, and seeing people smile with confidence. Having a 700 metre commute to work ain’t bad either!

Worst thing: It’s really disheartening when you see kids with tooth decay. Everyone knows that lollies and chocolate cause decay, but some supposed health foods such as muesli bars and agave syrup are actually just as bad. 

Work/Life Philosophy: Always strive to be better, be grateful for what you have and never forget to walk the dogs.

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