$100,000 Dream Comes True

For years local Lennox Head businesswoman Sarah Rosborg has been devoting much of her professional time and resources to raising money for her charity Rafiki Mwema, an organisation she set up to help young Kenyan girls who have been sexually abused, some of them as just babies, who are then spurned by their families and shamed for life by their experiences. Rafiki Mwema is a house in Kenya that creates a safe and loving place for these little girls, where they can get an education and the right therapy to help them heal and grow.

This year Sarah’s aim has been to build another house for the older girls at Rafiki Mwema. In the past these older girls have often been moved out of the Rafiki Mwema house to make way for other little girls whose needs are greater. Sometimes these older girls would be returned to their families where they would be subjected to more abuse.

What Sarah wanted was a ‘forever home’ for the older girls… somewhere where they would feel safe forever, but she needed $75,000 to make this dream a reality. Earlier this month she contacted famous blogger Constance Hall, (who has nearly 550,000 followers on Facebook) to help her achieve her dream and this week Constance came to the rescue. She shared a moving message of love and hope on her page, asking people to donate to this very worthy cause, which she and Sarah have called the Queens Castle. And donate they did.

IN JUST 9 HOURS THEY RAISED $100,000. It’s spine tingling to think of what can be achieved by a bunch of people on social media with hearts in the right places, but that’s what they did TODAY. So now Sarah is looking at a dream come totally true, with the real prospect of building somewhere safe right next to the existing Rafiki Mwema house, for a bunch of innocent children whose lives were turned upside down by adults who betrayed and abused them.

Follow this story at Rafiki Mwema or donate at Go Fund Me Queens Castle.


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